Install from

$ gem install itdis


It's better to use rbenv to have latests version of ruby and to avoid trashing your system ruby.

Install from

$ gem install --development itdis

Build from git

Just replace x.x.x with the gem version you see after gem build.

$ git clone itdis
$ cd itdis
$ gem install bundler
$ bundler install
$ gem build itdis.gemspec
$ gem install itdis-x.x.x.gem

Note: if an automatic install is needed you can get the version with $ gem build itdis.gemspec | grep Version | cut -d' ' -f4.

Run the API in irb without installing the gem

Useful when you want to try your changes without building the gem and re-installing it each time.

$ git clone itdis
$ cd itdis
$ irb -Ilib -ritdis

Same for the CLI tool:

$ ruby -Ilib -ritdis bin/itdis


$ git tag vx.x.x
$ gem push itdis-x.x.x.gem