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nvd_feed_api is a simple ruby API for NVD CVE feeds.

The API will help you to download and manage NVD Data Feeds, search for CVEs, build your vulnerability assessment platform or vulnerability database.

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More than data feed file management and downloading nvd_feed_api let you search for CVEs and automate a lot of tasks.

  • 24/7: the scraper can run 24/7 without being restarted thanks to update methods
  • Documentation: an API documentation with example is provided
  • FOSS: Free and open-source software of course
  • Offline loading: JSON feed files can be manually downloaded from the NVD website and put in the destination_path so:
    • you can safely restart the scraper without having to re-download all feeds
    • you can re-use already downloaded files in case of several scraper deployment
  • Quality: we use rubocop and codacy
  • Simple: available as a gem and easy to install


See installation steps for production / users or development / developers.


Some frequent use cases can be found on the example page.


See the contribution guidelines.